Christine Song
7617 Constitution Dr.
Plano, Texas 75025


Door Prize

Free fashion illustration card and envelope

Artist's Statement

I am a fashion illustrator and artist; my artwork is expressed by the combination of fashion and fine art.

Since I went to the art high school and had a great deal of opportunities to study fine art, the attraction of the fine art has drawn my attention. Then I majored in fashion design at college and graduate school, which helped to feed my creative cravings towards the combination of fashion and fine art. This became very unique expression of my fine art. With the convergence of fine art and fashion illustration comes the creative conversation of a personal vision and an observers’ spirit.

All the figures in my art works were inspired by the Bible; especially women in the Bible. I have read the Bible and studied the women characters. I tried to imagine the women in the Bible, because I want to express the women’s character in my artwork. My art work titles are the names of women in the Bible or Biblical names.

The story is not complex. It should be very simple. However, the story written with only two colors, Black and Gold, can deliver intense and passionate messages.

Artwork Examples