James Gilbreath (Rail Station Studios)
 Rail Station Studios
1013 15th Place #101
Plano, TX 75074


Artist's Statement

I began painting in high school in 1965. I painted realism because that’s what the teacher taught. So, working in oils I painted things I could see. My imagination in art lay pretty much dormant over the next fifty years as I improved on my realism skills painting mostly landscapes.

In 2014 I switched over to acrylics and began to paint bright abstract paintings. I enjoyed that for several years and started to realize my 50 years of landscape paintings were beginning to work their way into my abstracts. I went with that and began to paint bold, brightly colored landscapes.

In 2019 I got back into my realism. But I still take a break from that and paint my abstracts, too. I also go back to oils every once in a while. I do get bored if I do the same thing over and over for too long.

Artwork Examples