Ted Houston
1522 Cheyenne Dr
(Studio is at rear entrance)
Richardson, TX 75080


Door Prize

8.5 x 10.5 screen print "Young Lady with Glasses"

Artist's Statement

My artwork covers a wide span of media and subject matter. This includes oil, watercolor, print making, and drawing, depicting images that range from figurative to abstract to non-objective. This breadth is a reflection of my nature to explore and create.

Tying this together is an appreciation of beauty, finding meaning in what is around us, and a response to what happens in the implementation in different media. During my technical career at TI (PhD in Physics, around 180 patents) I was active in art with figure drawing including teaching and also winning awards.

Since retiring from TI 10 years ago, I have focused more on painting and printmaking. I have done a series on youth sports, a series based on flowers (mostly Iris), a series on suburban landscape, and a series on people in everyday surroundings. I have also done portraits and nonobjective pieces. With my background in figure drawing, I love gestural work, and have several pieces depicting motion, enjoying a pattern of line, shape, and color.

Artwork Examples