Virginia Marsh
 703 Williams Way
Richardson, TX 75080


Artist's Statement

Art of all sorts is a venture into the unknown. Making it from simple mud-clay-art is part of a language of touch as well as sight and the intellect, with a long and evolving story, of making and firing and then passing them from one pair of hands to another. Participating in this tradition is a complex dance connecting both makers and users.

I enjoy making pots people will use in their daily lives, I hope people realize that they are not really finished until they are in use. In this sense, each pot acquires its own story as it is passed from one hand to the next like a handshake, connecting all our stories. I love the mystery of the space enclosed and perhaps concealed or space revealed and offered. The jar, the bottle, the bowl and plate are all about that empty space waiting to be filled.

Vessels made for display or contemplation may dance around the mysterious space inside or be a catalyst to sharing memories and vision; they bring surprises or may grow more interesting long after they emerge from the kiln. So I am compelled to wait for surprises, the revelations I did not expect, and the insights of those who use them.

Artwork Examples